Snack Battle – America VS Japan – Articles About Food

There are plenty of choices for us to try, if only we step up and give them a shot. The video below will demonstrate how Americans as well as Japanese are able to taste American foods. There is a chance to sample Japanese food at the nearest Japanese restaurant.

The primary snack featured in the video is potato chips. Chips are the most popular snacks for both Americans and Japanese. For this particular instance, the American company is Pringles while the Japanese version is Chip Star. Both are roughly the same design and taste. The Japanese chips are generally lighter than American chips. The next is Whoppers, being followed by Mochi Mochi Chocolate. Mochi Mochi Chocolate Mochi Mochi is roasted and contains a hint of tea flavour. It comes with small forks. The next snacks of the day are Flaming Hot Cheetos and Baby Grabs. Baby Crabs are small crabs they are available in a smaller dish. The crabs are extremely crispy. They are very crunchy, they could appear like a disgusting snack. Another snack might seem a bit unusual. Squid chips are similar to potato chips. However, they’re made from fried squid instead of potato chips that are fried.


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