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Full-color, heat-applied transfers suitable for both light and dark clothes are referred to as rect -to-film (DTF). DTF transfers don’t require any masking, weeding or other special equipment. Additionally, they can be applied to cotton, blended cotton and polyester, or 100 Polyester. Individually designed DTF Transfers are Digital Heat Transfers that allow for vibrant Full-color printing of transfers using environmentally friendly water-based inks to produce an endless heat transfer possibilities. They can produce full-color designs that include gradients and other effects. You can also create photos-realistic art. It is a no-brainer that DTG involves the application of ink directly onto a fabric without the use of screens. Whereas screen printing uses an ink that is thick, DTG uses thinner, water-based inks. The DTF method is a way to embed the design within the fabric.

DTF printing is long-lasting enough to last as much as 45 hand washes, all while keeping the transfer feeling comfortable. There’s nothing to smell like The excess print can be kept and used again. Just press the button then you’re ready to go. You only need the right heat press! It’s simple and customizable, a great option to make designs you’re interested in.

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