What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Finance Training Topics

If you’re struggling with issues with finances, bankruptcy may be a viable option. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is just one of many types of bankruptcy. This article will focus on Chapter 13 bankruptcy within this article.

A person who is filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy needs to come up with the repayment plan to make the repayments. The judge must determine on whether the individual applying is willing and able to adhere to the plan.

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to eliminate debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows the dissolution of some financial obligations. This doesn’t mean that you’re completely free of your debts However, you still have the repayment plan to be concerned about.

The business cannot however file in chapter 13 bankruptcy. The business owner may make an application, but only if it is their own decision. The individual can utilize Chapter 13 to settle their problem with debt.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is difficult to resolve. If you are facing problems with your finances, this could be the best option. To get started in the bankruptcy process, you need to do a little bit more study online and find an attorney that can assist you.


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