The Origins of the American Mall – Spokane Events

The mall has been popular for a number of decades. However, there has been a reduction in popularity for malls as well as the need to shut down many. This article will look at the background of American Malls in this piece.

The idea of shopping in the mall in order to make it easy. People were more inclined to spend money in the 1950s due to inadequate parking. One man called Victor Gruen designed a building that would tackle these issues. The first mall in America was created by Victor Gruen, which was located in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

PBS Newshour explains, Gruen put two large stores across the shopping mall. This was to ensure that shoppers didn’t be forced to travel far move from one place to the next. The owner placed several small shops in the middle of two larger store. As people would pass past the smaller shops while they were driving to the bigger shops, this was a positive to those stores.

It’s hard today to find someone who’s never visited a shopping mall. It’s fascinating to look at the way Victor Gruen designed the buildings for everyone’s desire.


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