How to Paint Popcorn Celings – Amazing Bridal Showers

Are you planning to move to a brand new residence shortly? There’s a chance that you’ll need to do a few things for your house to be comfortable. For instance, you could want to paint a fresh coat of paint. It can also be tricky in the case of popcorn ceilings. Naturally, regular paint rollers have difficulty distributing paint in crevices. However, there’s an undiscovered solution to this problem. This video will show you how to make the popcorn ceiling.

The key to making a popcorn ceiling all in the nap length of the roller. The nap length refers to the length of bristles used in the roller. The bristles on conventional rollers are not long enough for proper painting of popcorn ceilings. There are, however, long nap paint rollers that are one inch that are available. You will need one of these long-bristled rollers. The long-bristled roller will do the task. The painting a popcorn ceiling is now effortless. You will find it easy to paint popcorn ceilings by using a larger handle. Paint rollers with just one foot reach is not the best choice.


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