What Does Long-Term Care Mean? – Health Advice Now

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Long-term care is a range of solutions and assistance for people that requires these services. Personal healthcare is the most commonly used kind. It involves having a caretaker who comes to their house and assists them. It is also referred to as home-based health care. It includes the personal and medical care of the homemaker service, companion services and emergency response system. It is common for home-based caregivers for assistance with cleaning, dressing, washing as well as cooking.

The local long-term care system also consists also of non-residential services, often called community-based services. Adult daycarecenters, senior centers transport services, meals program, respiteprogram and other support services are all possible. For those who need access to both community-based as well as residential services, the ultimate goal is to help the elderly remain in their own homes while receiving the care they require.
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