What to Expect When Starting Invisalign – Clear Aligners For Teens


Numerous questions have been asked about this new aligning method. This video can provide you with the information on what you can be expecting from Invisalign when it first starts!

Aligners are recommended to be worn at least 18-22 every day to achieve the results you want. Since the power is in your hands with wearing Invisalign it is your responsibility to be mindful of your actions unless you intend to be a slowing down of the process. It is also essential to be thorough in cleaning the aligners just as you brush your teeth as well as perform regular oral care.

Aligners may be a numbing choice for people who are. They are concerned about the way their speech will change. If there’s a foreign object inside your mouth the speech of your mouth will be impacted. The aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth. Your jaw and tongue will soon adjust and it will allow you to talk normally once more.

This video addresses ten common inquiries on Invisalign, so if you’re curious about the process take a look! Additionally, you should raise any questions or issues with your dentist at the next visit. They’re your most reliable resource for this incredible change.


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