Top Hardwood Flooring Questions – Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Jason Spangler of Wagner Meters answers our questions:

What happens to water under hardwood floors?

In damp and dank places in a house along with non-acclimation of wooden floors cause water building up. If ventilation is not present and absence of a vapor barrier is present, there will be moisture between subfloors and wood floors.

Why Acclimate Wood Floors?

Wood doesn’t die when a tree is removed. The planks are able to hold moisture from the surroundings. They must be adapted to the climate and humidity inside their new homes. They need to let their water into the house’s air. The planks could shrink if they don’t.

What exactly is Tigerwood?

Tigerwood A rare Brazilian hardwood also called African hardwood is deep red and bears tiger-like markings. Tigerwood is the Janka Hardness rating of 2,160 and is bugs, weather, and rot-resistant. The wood is mostly used to make furniture, outdoor cladding and flooring.

The attractive and distinctive appearance of wood flooring make your house be noticed. We hope these answers to wood flooring questions help homeowners in making the right choice for flooring.


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