Are You Suffering From a Car Accident? – United States Laws

This video will explain how common back injuries are caused in car accident.

An accident can cause anxiety and panic. Knowing what to expect from a back injury is important. Most common back injuries that affect the spinal cord are compression torsion, and dislocation.

In high-impact collisions, the cause is the most commonly cited cause for compression injuries. The spinal cord may become constricted and inflamed. It can lead to motor impairment and impaired limb movement during a lengthy period.

The torsion injury can be caused through side-impact and rear collisions. This can fracture the vertebrae within the back. Long-term results of this injury are most times life altering.

Accidents that are violent can result in injuries in the lower back. These injuries are transformative and could result in paralysis.

In many cases, these injuries need surgery or external stabilization. To make sure you receive any compensation you deserve for injuries in the aftermath of an accident is best to hire a back injury lawyer.


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