How Does the Braces Treatment Work? – Code Android

Your child is about to be treated with braces and you’re likely to be ready. This is an easy treatment however, you might be curious about how it works and how your teeth will straighten regardless of the severity the misalignment. In this short video, we are shown how braces work , and how they can be beneficial for individuals of all ages no matter how big or minor their dental misalignment.

Your teeth are cleaned and polished before braces can be put on. Next, an adhesive is placed on your teeth that will hold the brackets fixed. The orthodontist is then able to install the metal braces onto your teeth. For alignment the wires joining each bracket will be adjusted. If you’re in the need or rubber bands to aid this teeth alignment, they will add these too, and use the brackets that hold the bands in the right place.

In talking with your dentist about the entire procedure before it begins will help you prepare. The video below will explain how to begin the procedure.


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