DIY Plumbing Repair for Leaks – Creative Decorating Ideas

plumbing is a hassle to handle. But, plumbing repair is a DIY task. The video below demonstrates how you can address leaks that are common to your home’s plumbing.

A IPS joint with iron as the base is most likely to leak. If you don’t see any signs of corrosion or degraded the joint can be repaired. Grab a roll of Teflon tape and cover the threads of the joint in the clockwise direction three times. Wrap a bit of pipe thread sealant (pipe glue) around every joint.

Another compression joint could be a cause of leaks. It is composed from brass rings as well as nuts. Put a ferrule in the nut, and connect it with a brass coupling to the pipe. If there’s a leak you need to replace the ferrule.

If there is a leak in a soldered joint, it’s probably because of poor soldering, or because of age. In order to fix the joint, you need a new pipe that is soldered. This type of repair can only be done by a trained professional.

For more information For more information, follow the link to the video below.


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