The Best Way to Layout a Kitchen for a Growing Family – Family Activities

They aren’t suitable for tiny homes or studios. Galleys have two countertops, which are connected by a walkway. The one wall houses all of its appliances and cabinets. This design is the ideal design for a kitchen for one cook but is not as practical for families like the three above.
What Is the Kitchen Triangle?

The term “kitchen triangle” refers to the layout of the three main work spaces in the kitchen, including the sink, stove as well as the fridge. The three spaces must be laid out in three-dimensional shapes to allow the cook to complete cooking tasks and clean-up quickly. The measurement of each corner of the kitchen triangle should be within four feet to nine feet, at the highest. The perimeter of the triangle should range between 13 and 16 feet. The goal in the form of a triangle should be to ensure there is enough space to allow for movement, but not too excessively that it gets boring.

The kitchen triangle may only be utilized for a guideline. Kitchen zones are replacing the triangle. With kitchens becoming larger and spacious, it is becoming harder to create a strict triangle. The triangle concept came around in the 1940s as there were no appliances, and female cooks cooked generally by themselves in their homes for their families. Think about the layout in terms of zones of work, e.g., the kitchen area, the prep area as well as the cleaning and storage space. Designers of kitchens recommend to focus on the way you can make the most of each space. An area for trash disposal could be located near the prep area to ensure that any scraps can be easily taken away. Work zones are also helpful in ensuring that you avoid running into someone who may be in the kitchen but engaged in something other.

Consider Current Kitchen Trends

It’s the central point of any home, and is the one that is loved the most.


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