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Above the garage home addition a Workout Room

It’s not feasible to drive to the gym, but you want to remain in good shape. An upgrade to your garage is an ideal way to create a home gym that is small but well-equipped without taking up much room in your home. It can be used for dance, yoga and any other type of exercise.

Make a Home Office

Are you a home-based worker? A garage extra room can become an ideal office space with all the necessary amenities, like electricity and internet. As long as you install the water filter, and purchase some equipment, you don’t need to disrupt your working daily routine to look for something. Then, you can set up a work area and leave the remainder of your home unattended.

Invite Family and Friends

Your garage can be an ideal place to keep the things you have in your home if it has a small space or it is too full. It’s easier for you to entertain friends and family over a longer period of time if there is a comfortable place above the garage. You can also use it for overnight guests, creating an inviting and quiet living space that isn’t obstructing your personal space.

Keep Rental Occupants Seperate

Many people are taking advantage of Airbnb or other rental services to lease rooms or space in their houses. Garage extension is an excellent option to offer extra living space for renters without intruding on your daily activities. If you’re beginning your journey using rental services the above-ground space could be beneficial.

Tax Benefits

It is possible to qualify for tax-free deductions in specific situations if the garage is used as a rental property. Consult your tax professional for information on what deductions could be available for the leasing of the space. The use of a separate room as home offices for your business is tax-deductible. If you have any energy efficient updates in your garage addition and also receive some tax breaks to benefit the home office.


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